About Us


My Grandmother’s nickname for me was Miss Peabody after the character Mr. Peabody from “The Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show”, she said I was born wearing glasses.  My Grandmother was from Simmsport, La and used to make tea cakes as a sweet treat for the family, but especially for my sister, cousins and myself.  We couldn’t wait for her to call us to come inside from playing so that we could get them as soon as they came out of the oven. 

Tea cakes are as old-fashioned and southern as sweet tea. They aren’t cakes at all or cookies.  They are kind of like a threesome love child of a cake, cookie, and biscuit.

Teacakes represent happier times, where they reside in our memories, as a reminder of family, of being together, and often that special bond of love we had with our grandmothers, our moms or sometimes even a special aunt or other family members.

Let Miss Peabody’s Southern Teacakes help you bring back memories and make new ones. 

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